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Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Happy and Magical Halloween

by Marcy Rosenzweig Leavitt, Psy.D and Halloween Freak
Hello and Happy Halloween to you all!

Halloween has always been my FAVORITE Holiday and NOT because of the candy! I love to dress up and throw a huge party each year. This year will be my 14th. I turn our entire apartment into a haunted house. Spiders, skulls, witches, and ghosts haunt our place each year.

Included in the celebration are delicious delights and witching wonders. Last year was my first Halloween as a WLS post-op. I struggled for weeks thinking about how I would handle the preparations for the evening. I am happy to say that last years party was one of the best ever. For one thing I felt great, full of energy and healthy. Another great thing was that I was able to wear ANY costume I wanted. I psychotic escapee from the local mental institution. It was a little joke on my chosen profession of psychologist.

So, what tips do I have for a successful and fun post-op Halloween?

First, have fun dressing up and feeling silly, wicked, beautiful, and sexy in your new body. This is the time to do something you wouldn't do everyday: be a sexy witch, a handsome vampire, a naughty nurse or a devilish doctor. It's your time to shine. Feel great about your ever changing body. You'll love it. If you have children they will delight in having Mommy or Daddy energetic and wanting to share their Halloween night with them.

Now that you have conquered the costume issue what about Halloween's greatest danger: THE FOOD AND CANDY!! I always serve a "spread" to die for at my parties and last years event was no different. I even made my chocolate fondue! I enlisted a few of my good friends and my husband (fiance at the time) to be my "tasters." Whenever I made something that was a wls no-no I would ask someone to taste it for me. Was it too sweet, salty, too much techilla or vodka? They would be my taste buds. I know that there are many post-ops who drink alchohol and eat a sweet or two but I choose not too. At least I didn't at one year out. I have to be honest and say at my wedding in June I had some champagne, which incidently went right to my head!! Yes, wls post-ops are total lightweights! Ironic huh? Finally, I am a LIGHTWEIGHT!

As I planned the menu I made sure to have plenty of healthy options for the post-ops in the groups and also for those who were watching their weight. I included things that I could snack on if I felt the urge. I ended up not eating a thing. I was having too much fun. When I did snack it was on a sugar free jello mold of a brain. It was the perfect decoration for the table and tasty too. Many seasonal receipes can be made with sugar free pudding and jello. Just make the appropriate substitute.

Well, my wicked friends, I wish you a happy and magical Halloween. Feel great and let go! Don't forget to take pictures!!! You'll want to remember your changing self.

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