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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween Week: Face Down the Candy!

We’ve collected some great tips from the LivingAfterWLS community members for dealing with Halloween – a Candy-Happy holiday. Today I present some of the best strategies for facing down the candy monster! Please add your own ideas in the comment section & Enjoy! Kaye

Kim Stover
Believe it or not, candy isn't a temptation for me. Now, if someone shows up at work with a Spooktacular Lasagna, I'll be in trouble.

However, I do hate that children are dealing with obesity. Last year, I had a bowl that the kids could choose it was a mixture of miniature candy bars, granola bars and little bags of nuts. At the end of the evening, I was left with the candy bars. It was apparent that when given the opportunity, children like a healthy snack. This year, I will not be purchasing any candy. My assortment will only consist of healthy snacks which will make ME feel better. Sure, the kids are going to eat the sweets, but I will feel good about not contributing to the obesity of a minor.

Donna Rodgers
Other ideas: Put the candy outside and put a note that each person should only take one. Believe it or not, most children are pretty honest.

My mom hands out pennies but her house always gets eggs thrown at it....hehehhe

I guess the last most desperate thing you could do is eat something that makes you dump and crawl in bed for the rest of the evening and hope that the night passes quickly....hehhehe

Dawn Smith
Well, this is my first post-op Halloween. But I sure had plenty of Halloween’s while trying to be “good”. My all time favorite tip is; don’t buy your old favorites! Buy candy you wouldn’t even THINK of eating. Here are some more tips:

Have one or two pieces of sugar free candy on hand. Just knowing it is there to have if you “want it” helps.

At home, instead of candy, you can pass out toys and trinkets like false teeth, super balls, “slime,” necklaces, temporary tattoos, etc.

Candy has a long shelf-life. You can keep some of your child’s favorites for him or her to enjoy at other times. Put some in the freezer.

Give out. Instead of candy treats, give shiny quarters. Kids may like to receive coins instead of chocolate.

Let the kids select a few of their favorite candies. The remainder of the candy can either get thrown away or bagged for the local soup kitchen. Don’t let candy just lie around the house, calling your name.

Julie Hullinger
What I'm doing this year is 1) I'm not buying candy ahead of time. I'm purchasing candy on Halloween day only. 2) I'm going to buy candy that I don't like. This way I'm not even tempted.

Lisa Williams
Some things that help me though the sweet spots are:

sugar free Popsicles, sugar free fudgesicles, rockin' rio protein bar, payday protein bar, sugar free dark chocolate almond bark if you can find it, stallone chocolate pudding, carnation low-carb instant breakfast (ready made) in chocolate, apples, ice breakers (sugar free hard candy in all sorts of flavors...I like the sours.)

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Very good ideas.

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