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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

WLS Has Risks - Be Informed

At LivingAfterWLS we endeavor to present the full story about WLS. In the news today, a new study about the risks following WLS, particularly in the first year.

As reported by MSNBC today:

CHICAGO - Obesity surgery, which is fast becoming a popular way to battle the nation’s weight crisis, may be a lot riskier than most patients realize.

New research found a higher-than-expected risk of death in the year after surgery, even among young patients.

“It’s a reality check for those patients who are considering these operations,” said University of Washington surgeon Dr. David Flum, lead author of a Medicare study that analyzed the risks.

Please Link to the full story.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how these results are similar or differ from other studies?

Unknown said...

The most telling part of this study was that all were medicare patients. That means if they were younger, they were disabled. Which in turn points to the fact that their health was worse than others. That puts them in a higher risk category.
This is how I feel, without the surgery many would die at an early age. The risks are worth having the surgery.
Many in the world look upon this surgery as purely cosmetic. We all know it is so much more than that.