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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Margo Still Needs Our Prayers!

Do you remember our community member Margo, the one who developed a gastrogastric fistula just one month after her gastric bypass? We introduced Margo to our community September 13.

My good LivingAfterWLS friends, Margo is still struggling. In her sweet strong spirit she is keeping a firm determination to make the WLS work for her. In an email today she said, “Life is looking up a bit these days, thank goodness, for this has been one of the blackest periods I've gone through in a long time. Last week I finally hit the wall with sleep deprivation.” Due to the feeding tube she has been waking every one or two hours to use the bathroom. Our friend Margo is exhausted.

To alleviate her sleep deprivation Margo’s surgeon cut her TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) feeding in half so she may get some quality sleep. The TPN has been used to feed directly into her bloodstream through a drip into a vein – she is not eating food. The TPN feeds don't go through the normal digestive system and is a commonly used method to treat patients who have a fistula, like Margo.

After cutting the TPN dosage three days later Margo was on half rations. She said, “It was a struggle to get all the liquid in. My next goal is 30 grams of protein-which I am already approaching most days- and 48 oz of liquid, which seems impossible.” Margo needs to visit her ailing mother next week and hopes to be off the TPN completely. Of course the PICC (Percutaneously Inserted Central Catheter) will remain in place, as Margo’s condition is monitored. She may require future intravenous feeding.

The good news: the last UGI (upper gastrointestinal contrast study) indicates Margo’s fistula has shrunk from 4 inches to a mere stub, which is very gratifying. But, she added, “Of course the hard work begins then, as I go back to ground zero and start to add smooshed food, and begin to exercise, something I wasn't doing much of before, and have done none of since the surgery July 11.”

Please take a moment to post a comment for Margo, to send her warm wishes and thoughts and to consider the complications that can and do arise from weight loss surgery. Margo told me, “I very much appreciate your concern. The support and prayers of the LivingAfterWLS community mean a lot to me.” She needs us, and we need her too. We need to understand that sometimes things don’t work perfectly and as big of a blessing that WLS is, there are still serious concerns and complications to consider.

Bless you, Margo for sharing with us. We wish you a full recovery.

Yours in gratitude,


Anonymous said...

My prayers and Mom's are with you Margo. We are hopeing for your speedy recovery.

Rose Green & Jenn Dewitt

Kim S. said...

You are over the biggest hump! To have your fistula shrink down to a stub is GREAT news. Just think, this time next year, you'll be complaining that your appetite is back and you're eating too much. Yes, you were dealt a terrible hand, but you have handled it with strength and courage. Keep up your spirits, look ahead and see your bright future.

Anonymous said...


Here's wishing you continued progress in your recovery. It's great that the fistula is so close to being healed, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying pureed food. Following WLS rules will probably seem easy to you after what you've been through!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you and you are in my prayers. Please let me know what your symptoms were. I' having a problem with bloating pain and nausea and alot of swelling. in the abdomen, and im 17 months post op.