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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Success Story:
Leah McCain Oettinger

One of the best things about managing this website is hearing from so many inspiring people who are truly LivingAfterWLS. The next best thing is getting to share with the community some wonderful success stories. Leah McCain Oettinger is one of those success stories.

Leah is two-years out from surgery and lost 110 pounds down to 140 pounds. She said, “In the past few months I have struggled with a stubborn five pounds that just won't go away. So I'm bouncing between 143-146 and haven't seen 140 in several months.”

She asked my advice on incorporating exercise into one's busy schedule along with meal planning. “I think those are two things I could really benefit from. I have a tendency to tell myself that I don't have time to take care of myself. This is an old, bad habit. I'm in school right now at the Ph.D. level so the pressures are intense and it's super easy for me to fall into the trap. Any suggestions?”

I was surprised by Leah’s email, that she saw herself as struggling. What I see in her is a solid success story. So I asked her to tell me what are the secrets to her success, I wanted Leah to recognize her accomplishment with WLS. She responded with a beautifully articulated 8-point outline of her success. I think you will see the same thing I see in Leah – An inspiring success. Please link to read Leah's 8-points for success.

Congratulations Leah, keep up the great work and thank you for sharing with us at LivingAfterWLS.

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