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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

America’s Beef Producers
WLS Friendly Recipes

I’ve been pushing beef as an excellent vitamin rich protein choice for our LivingAfterWLS community. For some great recipes and a chance to win a one-year health club membership click on America’s Beef Producers website - it's the "Beef It's What's For Dinner" site. From the main page you can click a link to several on-going "no purchase necessary" sweepstakes and also a great recipe link.

From the website here’s a recipe I tried yesterday – It’s fabulous freshly made and great lunch leftovers today! I hope you’ll enjoy it too:

Beef Flat Iron Steak with Balsamic Pepper Sauce


Jan said...

I LOVE beef.. and it has never disagreed with my pouch. I've tried buying the dinners (frozen) with a lot of gms of protein.. but then when I see how much meat is in them.. I know I can just buy a steak and grill it with some veggies and do just as well and eat better,, thanks for the idea, Jan

Kaye Bailey said...

I agree, Jan. I enjoy steak and veggies better than the packaged meal and also find that option to be more satisfying than a packaged meal.

My belief is the less processed the better.

Thanks for the comment.