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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Our Vision, Our Future

Lately I’ve been studying “how-to build a web community” because that is the long range plan for LivingAfterWLS. In my studies I read it is important to keep the audience, you my loyal readers, informed about future plans. I sent a newsletter earlier this week to the subscriber list, but if you are new and didn’t see the email here’s a little summary of where the site is going.

We say it all the time, "WLS is only a tool." Lots of times we resign ourselves to thinking it’s the ONLY tool we have in weight loss and weight maintenance. But actually, our best chance for long-term success is when we use many tools including the support of our family and friends, the counsel and support of our bariatric centers, and the involvement of our primary care physician and mental health community.

It is my goal and dream that LivingAfterWLS will become a multi-purpose tool in the on-going battle against obesity, against self-loathing and against self-sabotage. It will also become a source of celebration and validation one with another. It will be a place for bonding because we are all in this together. While the site may seem young and crude at the moment I anticipate it becoming a full-fledged community by early 2006.

  • LivingAfterWLS Vision:
    To provide an online safe haven community where members can support, interact and celebrate one with another in this LivingAfterWLS life. The community will include:

    Public forums

    Personal messaging

    Public and/or private journalizing

    On-line chats

    Private and/or public profiles

    A comprehensive food/nutrition database whereby members can track caloric intake, protein and nutrient intake

    A vitamin minder to ensure we are taking the vitamins we need for health/wellness

    An exercise diary for tracking calories burned, sets/reps and overall exercise progress

    A health diary to record vital statistics including blood pressure, Diabetes readings and annual blood test results

    A comprehensive library of WLS specific articles, links and resources

    A national directory of WLS Centers and Support groups

    A news source for up-to-the-minute information regarding obesity, weight loss surgery and general health

    A collection of WLS Success Stories

    A database of WLS specific recipes and products

    Health and fitness calculators

It is my hope, my dream, my passion that LivingAfterWLS becomes one of the tools you use to succeed in this, your new life. So, that’s where we are headed. Thanks for joining me early in the process, I’m glad each and everyone of you are here.

If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in the emerging LivingAfterWLS community please send me a note. I will be taking a rough plan to the web developers next month and would love to include your ideas/suggestions.

Thanks again & Happy LivingAfterWLS!


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