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Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Message From Kaye

Monday, June 27, 2005

Welcome Back from the weekend everyone! And to the many new subscribers who jumped aboard the LivingAfterWLS boat this weekend - thanks for joining us – glad to have you aboard as we try and stay afloat in the crazy world after gastric bypass.

Today I’m pleased to present Kim Stover’s article, “Tastes Like Candy” in our guest contributor column. You may remember Kim from her inspiring success story. Today she shares her quest for protein bars – Kim's article is full of information, personal experience and good dose of humor. Great way to start the week of right! Thanks Kim.

Speaking of success stories, I’d love to add yours to our site. We have many pre-op subscribers who need some inspiration and reassurance as they enter their new lives. When you're ready send your story to share with and inspire others.

Topics on deck to cover this week are:
  • Men & WLS-The Social Stigma
  • A Comparative look at Post-Op Programs
  • Examination of Artificial Sweeteners

In addition our weekly “Kabuki’s Kitchen” feature will be posted Thursday. On Friday look in your Inbox for the July edition of “You Have Arrived” our exclusive subscriber newsletter. Don’t miss it! I have an exciting new addition to the WLS community to tell you about! Subscription & Privacy Policy.

Normally on Monday I send a call-out for well wishes for community members having surgery this week. My database pulled no names, so if I’ve missed someone please let me know. In the meantime let’s all send warm thoughts to one another as we are LivingAfterWLS.

Have a Great Week,

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