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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reader Recipe:
Quick & Easy Cheesy Ham Breakfast Bake

One of our darling readers, Kabuki Dancer, shared a scrumptious recipe today. It's called Quick & Easy Cheesy Ham Breakfast Bake - YUMMY! And, high-protein, low volume! Perfect for Living After WLS.

Kabuki had her surgery January of this year. Her outlook is so positive, read what she wrote:
I am enjoying a new found life in both quality and quantity, albeit without the quantity of food. I know happiness comes from within, but having an acceptable body certainly lends itself to contributing to peace of mind. This world judges us on outward appearances and inasmuch as my health has improved due to the weight loss, having a body that I am not ashamed of has been such a blessing.
Thanks for sharing with us, Kabuki. We look forward to hearing from you often!

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