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Friday, June 10, 2005

My Silly Little Weight Game

It’s the weekend! Time for some fun!

You might be surprised to know that I am still extremely sensitive about my weight. It is painful for me to remember my pre-surgery number and painful to think about how much weight I actually lost. I guess the shame of having been obese won’t ever diminish.

So, I invented this little trick as I was moving down the scale after gastric bypass surgery.

Gone to the Dogs!

Rather than dwelling on a number I celebrated losing a dog – you know, kind of like “dog years” only “dog pounds”. For example, in the first 10 days I lost 16 pounds, or in my Dog-Gone-World, I lost a Pug. By 3 months I’d lost an Old English Sheepdog. And by the time I reached goal weight I’d lost the Sheepdog AND a Golden Retriever. Pretty clever, don’t you think? Ok, maybe a bit silly too!

Here’s a list of 12 purebred dogs and their weights. What dog(s) have you lost? If you’ve lost a dog that’s not on the list go ahead and use it! You’re invited to post your “Dog-Gone” in the comments section!

3-7 lbs. Pomeranian
6-9 lbs. Toy Poodle
14-18 lbs. Pug
18-24 lbs. Dandie Dinmont Terrier
24-48 lbs. Cocker Spaniel
40-65 lbs. Basset Hound
44-70 lbs. Chow-Chow
60-100 lbs. Old English Sheepdog
65-75 lbs. Golden Retriever
90-110 lbs. Rottweiler
110-120 lbs. Great Dane
110-200 lbs. St. Bernard

Link for a complete listing of purebred dogs and their weight.

(PS – If you’re a cat lover go ahead and post how many kitty’s you’ve lost).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cute way to look at things, Kaye.

As you know, my Mom had surgery last fall. Shes had a little white maltese named Snowflake for a long time. So I guess you could say she's lost about 15 little maltese dogs sense they weigh 10 pounds.

Rose Green