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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Introducing: Kabuki's Kitchen
Weekly Menu & Recipe Feature

It is with great pleasure I introduce Kabuki’s Kitchen: a new Thursday feature to our LivingAfterWLS. Kabuki has generously shared her recipes from her own collection titled: "I Am So Tired of Baked Chicken". She wrote to me, “Food is needful part of survival, I’m just so grateful now that it is enjoyable and in perspective.”

In addition to sharing recipes I have come to love and admire Kabuki for her calmness of spirit and her wisdom of the soul. Her thoughts and impressions are profoundly beautiful and strikingly sincere – please enjoy as I share them here:

“I have lost 60% of my weight that I need to lose and I am enjoying a new found life in both quality and quantity, albeit without the quantity of food. I know happiness comes from within, but having an acceptable body certainly lends itself to contributing to peace of mind. This world judges us on outward appearances and inasmuch as my health has improved due to the weight loss, having a body that I am not ashamed of has been such a blessing.”

“Today, your topic about body dysmorphia really hit home. That is me to a tee. I am so glad that others share my crazy head. It is humbling and healing to know that we are all just colorful threads in the same huge tapestry.”

“I was just thinking that the highest form of play is in the fun of the now. So often as a former fat girl, I was always living in the future, waiting until I lost weight to do this or that, to try something new, to go somewhere etc. I have come to realize that the moment is all we have and to embrace the moment and to live in the now. I have to remind myself of that even now but it is getting so much better.”

“Do remind all the readers that the wise person inside them is the only one who knows if the recipe works for them. Just because I use it does not mean it is magic or a law or potent in any other way except that it might work for them too. I just want to tickle their palette. “

“Inasmuch as my body might change, it keeps me humble remembering I am a "fat girl" at heart and to work at living in moderation. I am tired of hitting my head against the corridors and enjoy the moments when I can walk in the sparkling middle ground. WLS has helped me achieve that most of the time and I am so grateful.”

Each Thursday we will feature of dinner menu from Kabuki’s Kitchen. I know you will enjoy her recipes – I’ve had a sneak peek and they are scrumptious while being mindful of our very specific dietary needs. Please leave your comments for Kabuki here so she knows how much we appreciate her.

Menu for Thursday, June 16, 2005:

Luscious Lime Shrimp
Dilled Salmon Cakes

Tropical Frozen Treats

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