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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kabuki’s Kitchen:
Romantic Anniversary Dinner

Today is Thursday, which brings our weekly feature Kabuki’s Kitchen – thoughtful WLS specific recipes from our contributor Kabuki Dancer. Tomorrow is Kabuki’s 27th wedding anniversary and I’m confident she and her beloved will celebrate many happy memories and toast to many good years to follow. Read what Kabuki wrote about relationships and her marriage:

“You know the key to a good relation is communication and realizing that intimacy does not begin in the bedroom but in the sharing and talking and doing for each other, way before one takes one's clothing comes off for the big sex act. It should be a culmination, rather than an end of itself. Loving someone is not just a feeling but an action. And only by actions can one really show love. Feelings remain in the giver's head but it is in the actions that true giving takes place. Love is wanting the best for your beloved. There is no defense for higher love than to just keep loving. Liking your mate helps a lot too---I am smiling. We met when I was 17 and he was 21. We waited till we were both out of college and then married 6 weeks later. We celebrate 27 years next Friday. The time has flown and yesterdays have become memories. Marrying him was my pivotal hinge moment in my life and I believe his also. He is a good person and he cannot help being a perennial "normie" slim man. hmmmm!!!”

Happy Anniversary Kabuki Dancer!

Today I present two special occasion recipes from Kabuki’s Kitchen, a main dish and a dessert. I belive they will pair well to create a satisfying romantic anniversary dinner. Enjoy!

Curried Chicken and Nectarines

Carrot Cake Muffins

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