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Friday, June 10, 2005

Say "Cheese!"
Helpful Hints for Gorgeous "After" Pictures

I clearly remember how much I loathed having my picture taken when I was morbidly obese. Actually, I didn’t mind having the picture taken, it was seeing the picture of the sad fat lady that bothered me. I suppose most of us are that way.

As we are now LivingAfterWLS we are likely to be more actively engaged in life and more photo-ops are occurring. One must-do photo is a great looking “After” picture. I did some snooping and found some hints for looking gorgeous in photographs.

The best advice for a great “after” photo - wear form-fitting clothes instead of blousy ones. Form-fitting clothes show off your new shape where blousy clothes make you look bigger. Didn’t we spend enough time looking bigger – and we all know the camera adds 10 pounds. Next, select a flattering neckline whether it's a V-neck, scoop neck, or boatneck. And stick to darker shades; they tend to recede in photos, having a slimming effect. What to avoid: Bold, bright prints.

Next let your happiness show with a genuine smile. Rather than focusing on posing the perfect smile think about all the good things in your new life. Appreciate and glorify in how far you’ve come. Let your eyes sparkle and your happiness radiate naturally and unrehearsed.

Finally – check your posture. Avoid facing the camera straight on – this can be unflattering. Position yourself in a ¾ pose so you’re facing the camera at an angle. This pose will show off your new waistline and healthy body and make you look sexy and svelt!

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