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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reader Feedback: Snacking

Yesterday's article "Snacking, The WLS Tool, Emotions of Fear & Greed" seems to have struck a chord with many readers. Turns out many of us are struggling with snacking: understanding what motivates it and trying to find a better way to use our tool.

Readers have posted some insightful and honest feedback on Today’s Topic forum. Here are a few snippets – be sure to click over and read the complete dialogue – and then add some thoughts of your own. Together I think we can better understand and tame the Snack Monster.

Anna said, “I snack out of greed. I tell myself I deserve a treat or a snack. My internal dialogue says, "go ahead, one snack won't hurt, you deserve it". I also deserve to be healthy, happy and not ashamed of how I look or how others see me. Sounds easy, but it is not.”

Kabuki Dancer said, “I used to think I was being "bad" or "good" and that is no longer so. Food is just that, at my will to sustain my body and sometimes to sustain my mind.”

Kim said, “I've gotten to within arms length of grabbing that brass ring only to knock myself out of the running by bingeing and calling it quits.”

Click over to Today's Topic to read more.

Have a great Saturday!

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