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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Storm of Enthusiasm is Coming to Your WLS World!

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest: July 30, 2013
Practice leads to Back to Basics


We are about to turn the page on a new month as summer slowly slips away. I hope you are well and have been enjoying some favorite activities of LIVING during this slower-paced season. Thank you so much for selecting this correspondence from the many that fill your Inbox, I appreciate the time you spend with me.

Our July Theme, Practice Practice Practice, has focused on the constant effort health management requires of us, particularly weight management with surgery. Your feedback has shown us this topic has been quite an eye opener for many of us as we share the expectation that we should have been able to get WLS done right from the very start. But time has shown it is an endless pursuit of following the rules, self-assessment, constant learning, and a few detours along the way. There are days when I wonder, "Am I ever going to get this right?" and look at me - the focus of my workday is on understanding life after weight loss surgery!

As a follow-up to our practice theme, in August we will focus on Back to Basics. August is a terrific month to review the basics, set goals, and actively get back to working the WLS tool in a manner that it in turn the tool works for us. In today's Digest we visit the Four Rules in a brief refresher.  Also today please see a clarification to last week's article on liquids, and don't miss the featured recipe: Tuna and White Bean Salad.

I often talk about the "Storm of Enthusiasm" that is necessary in the movement toward change. You felt the Storm of Enthusiasm in the days and weeks prior to surgery and your new chance at finally getting control of your health and weight. In the next few weeks we will recapture that Storm of Enthusiasm together! I can hardly wait. The following is a brief excerpt from the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual:  (Continue reading in our Archive)

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Anonymous said...

Question....I had my gadtric surgery...why after al these years did I start to loose weight again? This year I lost so far 74 lbs..