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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Secret to Lasting WLS Success

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The Weight Management Secret
We haven't heard before

This will change how you think about WLS

I hope this message finds you well and thank you so much for selecting this correspondence from the many that fill your Inbox, I appreciate the time you share with me.
In this Bulletin I have taken the liberty of exploring an idea that came to me during a research project I was involved with recently. What if getting WLS surgery right wasn't about the goal weight or my favorite Four Rules or any other little list of instructions.

What if WLS living is about dedication to an ideal goal that, like any other worthy pursuit, requires practice?
What if we put ourselves in training for healthy living? Forget relying on intuition or instructions alone.
What if we take each day as a new training session for healthy living and practice what we know in the pursuit of improvement.
What if daily practice is what makes the difference between hopelessness and thriving?
Is that the secret of making WLS work for us and work for life?  Please take a look at the feature article "Take a Tip from the Professionals" and consider how you can employ the theories of practice into your WLS lifestyle. I've found some really great quotes and shared them throughout this newsletter - they are inspiring to me and I hope you will also find them inspiring.  While you are here please enjoy one of my favorite recipes shared from Cooking with Kaye: Sweet Italian Sausage with Veggies and Pasta. It is delicious and makes practicing this high protein diet satisfying.  I've also shared a terrific piece by Dr. Christine Carter on the Science of Success.  You guessed it - it's all about practice.
Thank you for joining me this month for our 5DPT Bulletin. I wish you the very best today and always!

Note: In case you missed it last month, we published our mid-year Special Edition of the 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin - the most commonly asked questions so far this year. Check it out in our archive: 2013 June Special Edition Bulletin

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