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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Heat Warnings & Your WLS - What you must know now!

Hey my LivingAfterWLS Friends - I know I nag on this a lot -- heat related illness after WLS. But with record breaking temps across much of the country I feel I must beat the drum again -- be careful out there in this heat. Check out our Digest (June 10, 2013) for detailed information on the dangers of heat illness after WLS and how you can prevent it. Link below to our archive and stay well out there!

It's hot out there! Across the nation, as we look forward to celebrating Summer, many are suffering from record-breaking hot temperatures. Add to that power outages that have shut-down air conditioning and refrigeration and this is one sweaty country. Aside from being uncomfortable and inconvenient, high temperatures pose serious health threats including dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Those of us with weight loss surgery may be at increased risk of heat related illness if we struggle with the all-important Rule #2 of the Four Rules: Drink Lots of Water. As bariatric patients we are instructed to sip-sip-sip water during waking hours to keep our body hydrated and facilitate weight loss. In situations of extreme heat even a slight case of dehydration can become serious and may include symptoms very similar to dumping syndrome such as dizziness and disorientation.

Please take a moment to review the articles in this week's Digest and take appropriate action to protect your body from heat related illness with proper hydration and other temperature-lowering actions. And be mindful of those around you for symptoms that suggest a heat related illness, sometimes we do not recognize the symptoms in ourselves. Let's take care and avoid being one of the statistics during this season of celebrating our new healthy life. You deserve to take extra-steps to be healthy and enjoy your new life of LivingAfterWLS! Make sure to review our Four Rules and don't miss this week's featured recipe: Smoked Turkey & Melon Salad.
Best Wishes & Good Health!
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